Am kinda done with the news nowadays–most of it bad and/or negative, opinionated, and all-too-often politically bent. Intentionally or not, divisive, as well. On the other hand, seldom seen are articles that highlight and promote personal accountability, responsibility, and living within one’s means, individually, collectively, and governmentally.

Ditto when it comes to goodness and character…

Said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke last June, “…We have grown into a mouthy, mobile phone wielding, vulgar, uncivil society with no personal responsibility and the attitude of ‘It’s the other person’s fault; you owe me.’ A society where children grow up with no boundaries or knowledge or concern for civil society and personal responsibility.”

In 11th grader Lindsey Johnson’s view: “It’s just a whole lot of yelling and finger-pointing out there, people talking over each other instead of hearing each other out.”

For example:

  • This Facebook post by Wayne State University film and media studies professor Steven Shavir: “Although I do not advocate violating federal and state criminal codes, I think it is far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shoot them down.” (Placed on leave, NOT fired.)
  • Then there’s ACLU lawyer and current Stanford University associate dean of equity, diversity, and inclusion, Tirien Steinbach. He recently took it upon himself to interrupt guest speaker, 5th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Kyle Duncan, a Trump appointee, with a 6-minute speech condemning the judge’s life work.
  • Oh, yes, and lest we forget this Twitter post by Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’s press secretary, Josselyn Berry, depicting a woman with two guns drawn and captioned, “Us when we see transphobes.” (This just 28 hours after the Nashville Christian School shooting.)

Lacking, from the top down: character, aptly defined as “ethics in action” and its so-called Six Pillars:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Respect
  3. Responsibility
  4. Fairness
  5. Caring
  6. Citizenship

To that, I’d add this from talk show host and author Dennis Prager: “Goodness is about character, integrity, honesty, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else it is about how we treat other people.”

Lest we forget…

~ With thanks, Carol