It’s not rocket science to realize there might be downsides to some feel-good political measures, and yet they’re often met with applause, as in the case of these three:

  1. Recess Time: In the name of core subjects and standardized test prep, by 2008 at least 40% of U.S. schools had eliminated recess with more on the way, despite such proven benefits as improved fitness, brain function, creativity, problem-solving, social skills.
  • The Consequences: Increased behavioral problems and anxiety, trouble resolving disputes, and the like. Says Texas Christian University professor Debbie Rhea, “We have forgotten what childhood should be.”
  1. School Breakfasts: Across the country, countless school districts now provide their students with breakfast in their classrooms every day to ensure that no one goes hungry, that no one is singled out.
  • The Consequence: Researchers found that for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who breakfasted at school, obesity more than doubled vs. those who had not.
  1. Legalization of Marijuana: In less than 25 years, marijuana went from being illegal everywhere in this country to being legal for at least some uses in all but four states. Now apparently, cannabis will even be available in malls soon. This despite the increase of THC’s potency going from 3% in the 1990s to as much as 25% in today’s crops.
  • Some Consequences:
  • Increased highway safety concerns;
  • Suggested links to psychosis;
  • Inaccurate prescribing;
  • A Duke University finding that those who started using as adolescents and continued into adulthood showed an average I.Q. decline of 8 points.

Still clapping? Your thoughts, please. ~ Carol