I’m a talker, some would call me a chatterbox, always with something to say or add to a conversation. Not so much today, however…

I learned to love America right from the start from my immigrant father who, as a 14-year-old boy, survived the Turkish led Armenian Genocide, miraculously made his way alone from Diyarbakir to Marseilles, France, and then, traveling in steerage aboard the S.S. New Rochelle, finally arrived in Ellis Island.

Learned English, got a job, worked hard, and taught me gratitude. To this day, I often hear myself say, just like he used to, “Thank God I live here.”

Few countries can hold a candle to America, yet this morning I was met with such headlines as:

  • From CNN: “America Divided over What US stands for on the 4th of July”
  • From The Washingtonian: “Why Some Washingtonians Are Nixing July 4th Celebrations This Year”
  • From The Black Wall Street Times: “The United States Doesn’t Deserve to Celebrate 4th of July This Year”

Then came this one from ABC News, “Poll: Many Teens Don’t Know July 4 History” telling me that:

  1. 20% of U.S. teens don’t know that we gained our independence from Britain.
  2. 14% think the 4th celebrates our independence from France.
  3. 5% think “we rose up against tyrannous Canadians on July 4, 1776.”
  4. 15% didn’t know the Declaration of Independence was adopted on July 4, 1776.
  5. 9% thought the Constitution was ratified on July 4, 1776. (Correct date: June 21, 1788)
  6. 17% didn’t know there were 13 original colonies.
  7. 19% couldn’t name the third branch of government after the executive and judicial branches.
  8. More than 25% didn’t know what two sides fought each other in the Civil War.
  9. 13% thought the Civil War was between the U.S. and Great Britain; 5% though it was fought between the East and the West.

Add to all that, a piece by Emmy award winner writer, researcher, editor, and producer Chris Melore headlined with, “How Do You Spell ‘Independence’? Turns Out 1 in 3 Americans Have No Idea.” That, according to the findings of a recent Lawsuit.org poll of 1,030 Americans…

** Most think it’s spelled independance. Runners-up included:

** indpendence

** indpendense

** indiependence

** independents (an actual word, but not in the context of July 4th)

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

~ With my many thanks,  Carol