In case you missed the back story and update,  here you go:

Ahmed Mohamed, the Irving, Texas 14-year-old high schooler made headlines after being arrested for bringing in a home-made clock to school and was subsequently suspended for three days.

Explained Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd, “He showed it to a teacher, and it was suspicious in nature. The student told the teacher it was a clock, but he was not forthcoming with any other details about it.”

Not sure how you would have reacted were you said teacher and/or the school administrators, especially if you’ve seen photos of said clock, but the upshot was that, not only was the boy interviewed on Good Morning America and even gained MIT’s attention, he was invited to the White House.

Fast Forward: Ahmed and his family have moved. In a late October news release, the family said, “After careful consideration of all the generous offers received, we would like to announce that we have accepted a kind offer from Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) for Ahmed to join the prestigious QF Young Innovators Program, which reflects the organization’s on-going dedication to empowering young people and fostering a culture of innovation and creativity.”

But that’s not all. While he may now reside in Qatar, he’s now seeking $15 million in damages from the city of Irving and the Irving School District. Moreover, his attorneys indicated that the city had 60 days to respond to the demands or they would file a civil lawsuit. Hmmm…

You simply can’t make this kind of stuff up. After all, it’s the American way, no?