A reminder of the magic that is in all of us—and the potential to be more than we ever thought…

  • Your brain weighs about three pounds—about 2% of your total body weight.
  • A computer with the capacity of your brain would be 100 stories tall and cover the entire state of Texas.
  • Messages in your brain travel through neural connections at speeds up to 250 mph.
  • Your brain generates 25 watts of power while you’re awake—enough to illuminate a light bulb.
  • Experts say the brain has a “funny bone” that enables us to appreciate jokes, and it’s located in a small part of the frontal lobe.
  • As Jay Giedd reminds us, “Brain maturation continues into the teen years and even the twenties, and that includes such functions as self-control, judgement, emotions, organization, and planning.”
  • Researchers have found that that “brain images taken during IQ testing show that most mental activity appears centered in a handful of golf-ball-sized near the front of the brain.” ~ Don Vergano
  • “Your complex brain is command central, humming along and controlling everything that happens in your body.” ~ Colleen Pierre

And for the kid(s) in your home::

  1. Insist on a hearty breakfast in the morning; it remains the most important meal of the day.
  2. Encourage short breaks between periods of intense concentration. Deep thinking consumes enormous amounts of energy and can lead to mental exhaustion.
  3. Strongly advise against music—especially songs with lyrics—when concentration is required. Having to tune it sounds uses even more energy.
  4. Encourage physical activity, as it increases blood flow, hence oxygen, to the brain.
  5. Engage in plenty of mind-stretching activities, such as playing such board games as chess, checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, Boggle, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, too.

And remember: What applies to kids/students applies to us grownups, too!

With my many thanks and post-Valentine’s Day wishes, Carol