Introducing Ben Sasse

America 2019: Lots of noise, little wisdom, sides taken, no room for dialogue or compromise. Nowadays, you’ve got a beef, take to social media and rant and/or take to the streets and shout till you’re hoarse…

Enter a voice a reason, and whatever side you’ve taken, please give a listen to Senator Sasse, the holder of a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, a master’s degree from St. John’s College in Annapolis, plus two more master’s degrees, along with a Ph.D. from Yale, and a bit of time at Oxford where he was a football quarterback.

This husband, father, historian, and U.S. senator—a Republican conservative from Nebraska, who did not vote for Trump—is also the author of Them: Why We Hate Each Other—and How to Heal.

About the jarring and relentless discord between liberals and conservatives, Sasse says bluntly, “We really don’t like each other, do we?”

He posits that, “Liberals and conservatives no longer believe the same things, we don’t understand how our opponents believe what they believe, and we soothe our lonely souls with the balm of contempt.”

And behind the pervasive loneliness? Sasse places much of the blame on smart phones and the Internet, our eyes always glued to a screen instead of making face-to-face contact with others. In his words: “We’re hyper-connected, and we’re disconnected.”

His hope is that each of us works to bring back the America of years past where family, friends, and neighbors were our center not the political and social divisiveness that rules today.

He warns, “America is an idea—until it ceases to be. That is, America is an idea until we let it devolve into something else.”

Take heed…