Clear Light Bulb Placed on Chalkboard   In these “new normal” isolating, Zoom fatiguing, social distancing days, thought it time for a start-of-summer/Father’s Day weekend, feel-good reminder of the magic and potential that is in each of us…

  • Our brains weigh weigh about three pounds and contain some 100 billion neurons—about 2% of our total body weight.

  • A computer with the capacity of the human brain would be 100 stories tall and cover the entire state of Texas.

  • Messages in our brains travel through neural connections at speeds of up to 250 mph.

  • The brain generates 25 watts of power while we’re awake—enough to illuminate a light bulb.

  • Experts say the brain has a “funny bone” that enables us to appreciate jokes, and it’s located in a small part of the frontal lobe.

  • As Jay Giedd reminds us, “Brain maturation continues into the teen years and even the twenties, and that includes such functions as self-control, judgement, emotions, organization, and planning.”

  • Researchers have found that “brain images taken during IQ testing show that most mental activity appears centered in a handful of golf-ball-sized spots near the front of the brain.” ~ Don Vergano

  • “Our complex brains are command central, humming along and controlling everything that happens in our bodies.” ~ Colleen Pierre

And that’s why it’s called brain power…

With my thanks and good summer wishes, Carol