** “Parents need to understand how fantastic these [common core] standards are going to be for their children because, for the first time, we actually started looking at college and career readiness. In many states, including mine, the old kindergarten math standard was students need to be able to count from 1-10. And the new math standard is kids need to count from 1 to 100 starting at any number and from 36-0 backwards. That puts my child on a better playing field so that when he graduates in the future, he will be able to be competitive with kids from China and Hong Kong . . .” ~ Patricia Levesque, former deputy Chief of Staff for Education to Gov. Jeb Bush

** “The web is a rich resource of shameless cheating strategies. YouTube is rife with examples. ‘How to cheat on all your tests,’ reads the listing of one video. Click on it and you get step-to-step instructions on how to copy a beverage label and replace all the nutritional information with, say, your physics notes. ‘Make sure you get enough glue on the bottle,’ the video advises. ‘Once you have this done, you’ll have your notes, but nobody will know except you.’ Web developer Josh May makes this particular process even easier on his Pirate Weasel website where he provides a printer-ready water bottle label onto which notes can be cut and pasted.” ~ John K. Waters, The Journal

** “If you’re a prospective student or parents of one who is starting to look at colleges, think hard about why you want to go to college and what you both want to get out of it. For some, college is the right answer, but not for everyone. And ‘go to the fanciest place you can get into’ is often bad advice. So is going to college just because everyone else is.” ~Glenn Harlan Reynolds, University of Tennessee

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