• “You can download all of the classics that most English departments use for free. And you’re not making 7,000 photocopies anymore. Kids say, ‘Oh, I lost my packet’–the infamous packet. Well, the packet is digital now.” ~ Paula Byrne, librarian
  • “It is really too soon to tell if the first Internet-raised generation will fare better or worse in life or succeed on a global scale. The assumption is that technology equals improvement, and I would argue, overall, that is true. More access to information and a shrinking world can only benefit students. The children graduating from high school in the next decade will have a broader view of the world than ever before, thanks to traditional geographical boundaries losing their hold on the areas of communication, employment, and learning. I take no issue with the actual technology. It is great. Where I see existing and potential problems is in the indirect effects of technology on the comprehension habits of our youngest learners.” ~ Matthew Lynch, Langston University
  • “Because regardless of whether people should believe in charters, they do. Charter schools enjoy 70% public approval. Capitalizing on that faith, leaders in urban districts should seize the moment and append the ‘charter school’ label to their schools. Think of it as a massive rebranding effort.” ~ Jack Schneider, education professor, College of the Holy Cross
  • “Play is integral to being able to build resilience. So many of the things that we are about are completely learned through the creative process. When kids are allowed free time to play, they learn how to work in groups, negotiate, share, self-advocate, and make decisions.” ~ Kenneth Ginsburg, author
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