• “If Twitter had existed in Homer’s day, would he have tweeted? If his time had been so occupied, would he still have been able to compose his twin masterpieces, The Illiad and The Odyssey–the foundation texts of Western civilization? More important, if a person existed today with the cognitive and linguistic capacities of Homer, would Twitter (and the like) be liable to stoke or squelch his potential? To ask such a question is to brush up against the eternal entwinement of thought and language. No one debates whether or not digital tools such as Twitter debase the language; in a way, that is their very purpose. The question is: Does it matter? It does. In fact, future archeologists looking back on our early 21st century imperial decay surely will note the erosion of the ability to write–and therefor, think–went hand in hand with a degradation of our politics and culture.” ~ Matt Patterson & Crissy Brown
  • “Having a library with a librarian is not a frill. Having a nurse is not a frill.” ~ Jerry Jordon, President, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers
  • “If kids are not taught it [cursive writing], they won’t be able to read it.” ~ Indiana State Senator Jean Leising
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