• “This simple [NCLB] waiver authority has turned into a conditional waiver, with the secretary [Arne Duncan] basically grabbing–grabbing’s not the right word–having more authority to make decisions that, in my view, should be made locally by the state and local government.” ~ Senator Lamar Alexander
  • “… The American education system is being reshaped in a truly fundamental way and with little debate. National policymakers now behave as if they believe their role in making education policy ought to be much the same as that of the states in setting goals and standards, creating accountability systems defining teacher quality, determining strategies for producing high-quality teachers and improving low-performing schools. Left unresolved, the conflicts this creates about who is in charge is likely to worsen.” ~ Mark Tucker, CEO, National Center on Education and the Economy
  • “I would hope that in every district in America, especially ones that require district tests in addition to state tests, that they ask this question: Does this test measure what we’re asking teachers to teach, and what we’re asking students to learn? And if the answer to that is no, they have to do something.” ~ Dennis Van Roekel, NEA president
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