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“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors,
and let each new year find you a better person.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

It’s the first day of a whole new year, so will you be first stepping into 2024 with self-help promises in mind? After all, resolutions offer up a chance to revise ourselves, so to speak, to do it better this time around, so why not, right?

Well, you’d think, but, finds YouGov Today, just 34% of us will enter 2024 with a list in hand:

  • 52% adults under 30,
  • 44% of those 30 to 44,
  • 27% of those 45 to 64, and
  • 18% of the 65+ set.

Maybe the rest of us are too busy, self-satisfied, or simply can’t be bothered?

Meanwhile, a recent Forbes Health/One Poll survey of 1,000 Americans discovered that just 20% plan to “keep themselves accountable when it comes to sticking to their goals,” down from last year’s 77%.

As for their plans:

  • Improve fitness: 48%
  • Improve finances: 38%
  • Improve mental health: 36%
  • Lose weight: 34%
  • Improve their diets: 32%
  • Perform better at work: dead last at 3%

Problem is that most won’t stick with them for very long:

  • 1% will likely last less than a month,
  • 22% will likely last 2 months,
  • 5% will likely last 6 months, and
  • Just 1% will likely last the whole year.

And that’s why and ready for your datebooks:

  1. January 17: “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day,”
  2. The second Friday in January: “Quitter’s Day,” with a reprieve on
  3. June  1: “New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day.”

~ With thanks and happy 2024 wishes, Carol (

“Absolutely everything you do is a chance to give love. Start any time you’d like.” ~ Kai Skye