Fotosearch Smartphone k5512459A survey of 5,000 students conducted by Charlotte Robertson, co-founder of Digital Awareness UK, certainly meets my good news standard. It turns out that many kids are now saying enough is enough when it comes to Facebook and its similarly fetching social media clones.

For starters, more than 60% of respondents think many of their peers present a “fake version” of themselves, though, a whopping 85% said they’ve done no such thing.

Regardless and more importantly, though, the survey also showed that such sites take a toll on kids’ well-being, and they’re taking note. That’s because…

  • 57% said they’d received abusive comments online; and
  • 56% admitted to being all but addicted to FB and the like.

It’s no wonder then that:

  • 66% of school children said they’d be happier had social media never been invented; and
  • 71% said they’d taken a temporary break to “escape” it.

Here, hear!