1) The number of high school equivalency tests (GED) taken this year dropped by 50% and with a 62.8% pass rate, down from nearly 76% in 2013.

2) Currently, 70% of teachers assign homework that requires Internet and broadband access.

3) K-12 IT spending is expected to hit about $4.7 billion in 2015; about $1.4 billion of that will go for laptops.

4) In 2012, 33% of our 25- to 29-year-olds had at least a bachelor’s degree, thanks largely to online learning programs.

5) Children from professional families hear more than 2,150 words an hour vs 1,250 for those in working-class families, and a little more than 600 words per hour for those in welfare families.

6) This year, 25 states require computer science courses for high school graduation vs 11 states in 2013, according to CSTA.

7) 93% of public schools control access to their buildings using either locked or monitored doors, up from 88% in 2011-12.


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