1. Obama’s plan to provide pre-school for every 4-year-old in the country would cost state and federal governments as much as $15 billion more a year over the $9 billion already budgeted annually now.
  2. Under Obama’s NCLB waiver program, if a school has a statistically insignificant number of students from a specific racial group, those students will now be combined with other student groups for evaluation purposes. Under NCLB, they were not included at all.
  3. With those NCLB waivers now enjoyed by 34 states and D.C., the federal requirements for reporting and holding schools accountable for graduation rates are falling by the wayside.
  4. New Castle, PA teachers have decided to forfeit their $147,000 federal Race to the Top (RTTT) winnings, saying no to mandated teacher evaluations based on student test performance.
  5. Education Secretary Arne Duncan’s four priorities for the next four years: more money for early education for disadvantaged children, re-authorization of NCLB, leading the world in college graduates, and passing gun control legislation.