11. Opposition to the Common Core Standards is mounting–especially towards their frequent testing and mostly from conservative groups and teacher unions. Meanwhile, many Democrats, while not opposed to national standards, say that the Common Core is not based on research or what’s known about student learning.

12. Alabama’s case against the Common Core Standards has now reached the U.S. Congress.

13. The Michigan House has passed a bill prohibiting any Common Core funding.

14. Indiana lawmakers have approved legislation requiring a policy and fiscal review of the Common Core Standards. And in Florida, opponents want an 18-month moratorium and cost analysis.

15. A Common Core hearing is on its way in Ohio.

16. The 2014 Kansas state budget includes a proviso banning the spending of any money to implement the Common Core Standards.

17. Along with the new Pennsylvania Common Core Standards which designate what students should learn in English and math, end-of-course Algebra I, biology, and literature Keystone Exams will be a graduation requirement as of the Class of 2017. Meanwhile Pennsylvania is to hold hearings on the Common Core.

18. While 75% of teachers in an AFT study support the Common Core, less than 1/3 say their districts have provided them with any training or teacher resources.

19. AFT president Randi Weingarten is recommending that districts delay the use of Common Core tests scores to evaluate teachers and students for at least one year so teachers can master the new curriculum and review test materials.