Data reveals

1) Charter schools receive an average of $3,509 less per students than those in traditional public schools.

2) Data reveals that by 8th grade, 48% of girls receive a mix of A’s and B’s compared to 31% of boys. Plus, boys account for 71% of all school suspensions. Also, almost 60% of college grads are women.

3) According to Common Sense Media, 76% of 9-year-olds read for pleasure once or more per week, down from 81% in 1984; about 33% of 13-year-olds and almost 50% of 17-year-olds report reading for pleasure less than twice a year.

4) A Penn State report finds that U.S. 4th grade teachers assign, on average, 19 minutes of math homework per night vs. 25 minutes in most other countries. Plus, 79% of U.S. 4th graders said their parents make sure they set aside homework time vs. 70% worldwide–but just 25% of Japanese students and 22% of South Korean parents do so.

5) According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the U.S. high school graduation rate is now at 80%.

6) The average age children start using touch screens is 11 months, and most used them for about 30 minutes per day. Meanwhile, it’s been found that playing non-educational games on them is linked to poor speech development.

7) A 2010 Indiana University High School Survey of Student Engagement found that 65% of students reported being bored “at least every day in class,” and 16% said they’re bored in every class.