1) Responding to an ASCD survey asking if this year’s Common Core Standards assessments should be used for accountability, 25% of teachers said they want a 4-year-delay and 24% seek a 2-year-delay.

2) An August PDK/Gallup poll found that 81% of respondents had heard of the Common Core Standards, up from 66% last year; 60% said they oppose them.

3) When asked how they felt about teaching the Common Core Standards to their students as a whole, only 16% said of teachers said they’re “very prepared;” 8% said that was the case each with both English language learners and students with disabilities.

4) This coming spring, about 11 million students in more than half of the states will take the new online Common Core Standards assessments.

5) When asked who should have the greatest influence on what is taught in public schools, 15% of respondents said it’s the federal government, 28% said it’s state government, and 56% said local school boards.

6) In an Ed/Next Survey, about 50% of respondents said about 50% of the teachers in their local schools deserve an A or a B, and more than 20% deserve a D or an F.

7) A recent Gallup/Phi Delta Kappa International Survey, 61% of respondents oppose rating teachers based on student scores.

8) A recent survey finds that support for charter schools rose from 51% to 54%, while opposition went from 26% to 28%.