1. A recent Reading in Fundamental survey found that 83% of parents say it’s very or extremely important that children read in the summer, but just 17% say it’s the most important activity. 49% say #1 is playing outside. Also, 59% said their kids do the right amount of reading; 40% say they don’t.

2. 87% of high school seniors say they text every day; 61% use FaceBook daily, 51% us Instagram, and 35% use Twitter. Regular old phones came in at 34%. Pinterest came in at 16% and LinkedIn at 1%.

3. The University of Virginia found that kids in the “cool” category in middle school ended up as young adults using 40% more drugs and alcohol than the “not-so-cool” and were 23% likelier to run into trouble with the law.

4. In 2100-12, 81% of secondary schools used security cameras, and 57% had a police officer or security guard; 88% of public schools either lock and/or monitor doors.

5. 21 states allow community colleges to confer bachelor degrees and more such schools are dropping “community” from their names.