1) Lawmakers in 27 states have proposed either delaying or revoking the Common Core; 44 signed on originally.

2) According to a School Improvement Network survey, 62% of parents with school kids support the Common Core; 22% are opposed; and 17% had no opinion.

3) About 66% of superintendents believe the Common Core will improve the quality of education; 22% said they’ll have no effect, finds a recent Gallup poll.

4) About 60% of K-12 surveyed officials don’t feel that their schools have the bandwidth or the devices to make them ready for online testing.

5) In states that have already tried the Common Core assessments, as many as 70% of students failed, thus raising retention fears.

6) Four years ago, about 40 states were interested in the $370 million federally-funded online Common Core assessments. At least 17 have now backed away from them.