1) A SmartBrief on EdTech found that 53% of respondents said their school or district has adequate technology in place to implement Common Core and its online assessments; 43% said they are not tech-ready.

2) Researchers find that math teachers are “moderately or extensively familiar with the Common Core math standards. About 14% said they lack that level of familiarity, while 86% said the math standards are more rigorous than their states’ prior standards.

3) The PARCC Common Core assessments will cost $29.50 per students; the SBAC version will cost $22.50.

4) 54% of 2013 high school grads took the ACT, but only 26% of them met all 4 benchmarks. Meanwhile, 64% did so in English, 44% in reading, 44% in math, and 36% in science.

5) A PDK-Gallup poll found that 66% of respondents have never heard of the Common Core which have been adopted by 45states and D.C. Meanwhile, 70% favor charter schools, up from 40% 11 years ago.

6) Revenues from AP tests now exceed expenses by $20 million to $30 million a year.


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