1) Only 39% of teachers say they are very satisfied with their jobs, down from 62% in 2008. 51% report feeling under great stress several days a week.

2) 85% of teachers say their principals are doing an excellent or pretty good job; 98% of principals give their teachers an excellent or pretty good rating.

3) An AT&T survey found that 71% of parents say mobile devices open up learning opportunities; 62% say they benefit learning.

4) A Northwestern University survey found that 84% of kids in responding families spend from just under 3 hours to 4-1/2 hours a day using screen media–far above the American Academy of Pediatricians’ recommendation of less than 2 hours a day starting at age 2.

5) 60% of teen Facebook users have set their profiles to private but many post such info as their school’s name, and sometimes even their email addresses and cell numbers.

6) 97% of kids play digital games.

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