1. Obama has changed the PLUS loan program to help thousands of families qualify for college financial aid. Those denied PLUS loans are eligible for an extra $4,000 that carry lower interest rates.

2. The House bill to revise ESEA (aka NCLB) now promotes computer-science education thanks to a bipartisan amendment.

3. Started in 1994, the Head Start and Early Head Start programs for pregnant women and toddlers cost $7.6 billion in 2012.

4. The federal government spent $3.45 billion from 2007-11 for the mandated tutoring program known as Supplemental Educational Services (SES) which awards $1,500 for tutoring to students at low-performing schools. Many now, though, say the SES system is broken.

5. 13 states created or expanded tuition tax credits, private school scholarships, or traditional vouchers in 2013. 8 states did so in 2012, and 7 did so in 2011.

6. All D.C. public school juniors and seniors–traditional and charter–will be able to take the SAT at no charge this year. The cost $224,084.