1. About 82% of our public schools reported students enrolled in a dual-credit course in 2010-11; that’s 1.4 million students taking 2 million courses.

2.  Says MIT research: students remember only 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 50% of what they see demonstrated–and 90% when actually doing something themselves in the virtual world.

3. More than 78% of teachers report using digital games in class, and 47% say low-performing students benefited the most. Only 15% said high-performers benefit. Plus, 30.8% use them to cover content mandated by standards, and 19.26% used them as motivators and rewards. 26.64% don’t use digital games.

4. In 1998, about 56% of children attended full-day kindergarten; now it’s 80%.

5. Some 50% of survey respondents strongly or somewhat agree that schools should be able to opt out of the new federal food standards for a year if they’ve incurred 6 months of financial loss because of them.