1. The Obama administration is awarding $290 million in grants to reward top teachers and boost opportunities for teachers who work in the almost 1,000 impoverished schools in 18 states and D.C.
  2. The U.S. Department of Education is sending more than $24 million to 22 states to help recruit, train, and retain highly-qualified special education teachers and provide support for their students with the new Common Core Standards.
  3. 26 states and D.C. have established different benchmarks for different groups. For instance, by 2018 in Florida, 74% of black students must be proficient in math and reading, along with 88% of whites, 81% of Hispanics, and 90% of Asians.
  4. 44 states have now applied for NCLB waivers, with 33 granted so far. Pennsylvania may well be the next to apply.
  5. School districts are concerned about being technologically ready to give the Common Core Standards assessments online in two years. Some are panicked; some don’t know enough to panic yet.