1. Ohio is one of 20 states piloting a new “Teacher Performance Assessment” whereby teacher hopefuls are videotaped during their student teaching experience; scoring is done by independent judges.
  2. A large expense for the Philadelphia School District is charter schools, which is projected to jump 38% in 2017 from $589 million to $812 million.
  3. Juniors in Pennsylvania this year will take the new Keystone Exams in algebra 1, biology, and literature in place of the state’s standardized PSSAs.
  4. A new study finds that pretend play is not as important to child development as researches once thought; however, it might be a factor contributing to language, story telling, social development, and self-regulation.
  5. Climate-change education in our schools just got a boost from a new set of six grants from the National Science Foundation totaling more than $33 million over fiver years.
  6. Under a new law in North Carolina, it is now a crime for a student to “build a fake profile or website with the intent to intimidate or torment a school employee.”