1. Conventional K-12 textbooks are a $3 billion U.S. business, with an additional $4 billion in teacher guides, testing resources, and reference materials.
  2. An online survey of 2,000 adults found that 41% believe students should be allowed cell phones in school–provided they’re turned off; 27% would ban them altogether and 25% said cell phones are a necessity. However, 29% favor allowing tablets for high schoolers, while 32% would allow only laptops.
  3. The film Undroppable, coming out in mid-2013, targets the some 1.2 million high schoolers who don’t graduate.
  4. The NAACP and NEA have teamed up to register, educated, and activate hundreds of thousands of voters for the 2012 election.
  5. The non-profit Teach for America boasts $300 million in its coffers and collects tens of millions annually in public funds.