1. Today, there are some 5,600 charter schools operating in 41 states and D.C., putting Catholic schools at a distinct disadvantage.
  2. In the 1987-88 school year, there were about 65,000 first-year teachers; by 2007-08, there were more than 200,000.
  3. On the NAEP writing exam, only 27% of our 8th and 12th graders scored at or above the proficient level in 2011. Just 9% of black students and 12% of Latino did vs. 34% of white students.
  4. About 40% of high school graduates must take at least one remedial course before enrolling in credit-bearing college coursework. This begs the questions: are colleges admitting too many unprepared students?
  5. 13 states have passed laws to identify struggling readers and intervene before 4th grade; 14 require such students be held back in 3rd grade.