Of the 800 teens questioned in Common Sense Media’s remote instruction survey:

  • 60% said online learning is worse than in-person instruction; 25% said it’s “much worse.”
  • And yet, 42% think schooling now should be fully remote; 37% prefer the hybrid model, with 19% wanting 100% in person.
  • 70% are either somewhat or very worried that they or someone they know will get COVID-19 with in-person instruction.
  • 82% of the Hispanic teens worry about getting sick, along with 62% of white, 79% of Asian, and 71% of black students.
  • Just 30% trust their schools “a lot” to take the necessary steps to keep them safe from the coronavirus, while 52% said “a little,” and 17% said “not at all.”
  • 61% are concerned about falling behind academically.
  • About 50% worry they’ll lose out on scholarships, with another 50% concerned the pandemic will hurt their college or job prospects.
  • 56% are “very” or “somewhat” worried that they’ll lose their connections with friends.
  • Just 30% feel “more connected than usual” to their families down from 40% in March.

As for what these teens see as their biggest academic challenges this year:

  1. 42% said learning remotely;
  2. 37% said the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic; and
  3. 32% said it’s emotional upheaval.

And so it goes in 2020, as kids continue to pay a huge coronavirus price…

With hope and well wishes, Carol