Some call 2018 the year of the teacher. After all, thousands upon thousands of teachers in six states hit the streets protesting their unprofessional salaries and school funding cuts, too, and the public finally took notice of their plight. Still, of the 180 classroom teachers who ran for seats in their state legislatures, just, 43 were successful.

Meanwhile, with thanks to Education Week’s Madeline Will, here’s what researchers have found about teachers as 2018 winds down:

1) According to a U.S. Department of Education survey, 55% of teachers said they are dissatisfied with their salaries. In 2016-17, the average public school teacher salary was $59,660.

2) When asked by an Education Week Research Center what districts need to do to attract quality teachers, the #1 answer was to improve pay and benefits, seconded by more autonomy and respect, along with better working conditions.

3) When the Center asked how best to keep good teachers on the job, 18% said leadership is key, followed by 17% who said salary.

4) A survey by Education Next found that almost 50% of those in the know about teacher salaries said their states should pay them more. That’s 13% higher than last year.

5) While lots of parents have confidence in their children’s teachers, PDK International found that just over 50% of those surveyed said they do NOT want them to become teachers.

6) According to a survey by the Education Week Research Center, some 25% of female educators say they’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted at work.

7) As for teachers’ pension debt, today it stands at more than $516 billion, with some states predicting that, within 10 years, they won’t be able to pay teachers their due.

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