It took 700 days, but here in the Philly area, it finally snowed on Tuesday. Supermarket cash registers hummed, schools closed, and sledding made a comeback.

Today, Friday of the same week and around 5 o’clock this morning, the white, fluffy stuff started falling again, turning my world into a full-blown, snow globe wonderland…

Oh, the wonder of it all:

  • Alarm clocks ignored;
  • Hot chocolate at the ready, marshmallow optional;
  • Campbell’s tomato soup, broken up Ritz Crackers floating about, and/or a gooey, grilled cheese sandwich on the side;
  • In the making: soups, cookies, and snowmen; and
  • Quiet walks, snow kissing cheeks and eyelashes, meditative and renewing.


As someone once said, “Wonders never cease as long as you never cease to wonder.”

Or, as author D. H. Lawrence put it: “The sense of wonder, that is the sixth sense.”

   And the wonder of it all today, it’s after two o’clock in the afternoon and still snowing out there. Still. And me? Am just back from taking another walk with Jenny–yes, my sightless, deaf, little wonder dog–and ready for some hot chocolate. Me, not her. Marshmallow, too.

But first, two of my favorite quotes:

“Solitude—walking alone, doing things alone—is the most blessed thing in the world. The
mind relaxes and thoughts begin to flow.” ~ Helen Hayes, former actress

“There are thoughts which are prayers. There are moments when, whatever the posture of
the body, the soul is on its knees.” ~ Victor Hugo, one-time French writer and politician

~ With happy, non-remote instruction snow day wishes ~ Carol