1. 55% of “irreplaceable” teachers earn lower salaries than the average ineffective teachers and, in four major cities, top teachers quit at the same rate as less successful ones.
  2. So far, 47 states have signed on to the Common Core Standards.
  3. Nationwide, 15% of the nation’s 6,700 charter schools have closed–41% because of financial problems, 24% because of mismanagement, and 19% for academic reasons.
  4. In a recent Gallup poll, 29% of the 1,012 survey adults said education is worse because of No Child Left Behind; 16% say it’s better off. Also 38% said the federal government’s focus on student achievement has made no difference.
  5. 52% of the class of 2012 took the ACT, and their average composite score was 21.1 out of a possible 36. 25% met all four benchmarks; 15% met three; 17% met two; and 28% failed to meet the minimum standard in any area.