From the time before we closed our schools and hunkered down against COVID-19, fearful and cautious, this Quality Counts report card was published on how the states fare when it comes to schooling, rating them on three categories:

  1. Chance for Success
  2. School Finance
  3. K-12 Achievement

And the winners and losers are:

  • On getting kids off to a good start, North Dakota topped them with its 97% score. New Mexico ended at the very bottom with 72.3%.
  • On how students are faring in school, Massachusetts came in at the tope with a 93%m while New Mexico again came in last time with a 63.9%
  • On adults finding opportunities for success, D.C. topped them all with a 99.4% vs. lowest-scoring West Virginia’s 66.8%

Meanwhile, Education Week’s Chance for Success Index, based on 13 cradle-to-career indicators, found that, as a whole, the U.S. came out with a 79.2% out of a possible 100%. As for individual states, Massachusetts topped then all with its 91.3%. New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota, and New Hampshire scored in the “B” range, with New Mexico at the bottom here, too, with a 67.2%.

The hope: Once we can regroup and gather again, we’ll have learned something about schooling–tech’s impact, how kids best learn, and how best to support teachers and parents, too, because, no matter how you look at it, none of this is good enough.

With thanks, Carol