1. Property taxes fund everything from our police forces to public schools and roads, but rates vary from state to state. A USA Today analysis named New Jersey with the highest, coming in at 2.35%, followed by Illinois at 2.3%. At the other end: Hawaii has the lowest rate at 0.27%, followed by Alabama’s 0.43%, and Louisiana’s 0.49%. Click here for the rest of the story.
  2. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be considering new rules enabling phone companies to detect, analyze and block robocalls, thus reducing the number that get through. As it is, in March alone, some 5.23 billion such calls were received. Till then, USA Today’s Jefferson Graham suggests assigning a different ringtone to each as it comes in. Click here for more of his robocall tips.
  3. California is considering “sweeping changes to law enforcement departments” via its Assembly Bill 392, changing the standard from “reasonable” to “necessary.” In other words, if passed, “police must feel confident it is necessary to shoot to protect themselves or others from danger or they could be prosecuted for killing a person.” Among the “de-escalation tactics” they must employ: “listening to the suspect’s story, explaining the actions a police officer is about to take, and ensuring that the suspect’s dignity is preserved throughout the interaction.” Click here to learn more.