For starters, an early August 2021 Fox News poll found that:

  • 59% of registered Democrat voters hold positive views of socialism.
  • 49% of those voters believe in capitalism

*** Oregon’s Democratic Governor Kate Brown recently signed a bill removing proficiency standards for high school graduates. No more reading, writing, or math tests. Formerly, they had to be able to tackle those subjects at the 10th grade level in order to graduate. She reportedly believes that Black, Hispanic, Asian, and tribal students cannot be held to those standards if Oregon is to improve graduation rates.

*** When California schools reopen this year, all 6.2 million of its public-school students can opt for free school meals, regardless of family income. Such cities as New York, Boston, and Chicago already offer free school meals for all.

*** The fiscal 2022 spending bill includes $65.6 billion for K-12 education, about $25 billion more than the current fiscal year. $36 billion of that will go for Title I grants for disadvantaged students, up from the current $19.5 billion.

*** The Biden administration has expanded the food stamp program SNAP. Benefits will go up by $40 billion (27%) over pre-pandemic days at a cost of about $100 billion a year.

*** Recently, the Biden administration announced that, starting in September, it will automatically erase more than $5.8 billion in student load debt for the more than 300,00 with severe disabilities.

*** Private schools with less than 40% of low-income students may not get their share of the $2.75 billion set aside for private schools in the American Rescue Plan.

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