• “Think about the school environment that we had and the respect that we had for teachers and other students. And the discipline that was enforced not only by the teachers but by our parents, who, if they found out we were misbehaving in school, would undoubtedly support the teachers and take us to the woodshed if necessary… Now we jump forward to the 2020s. To me… it appears we are trying to get the collective behavioral approach that was depicted in Brave New World. ~ Idaho Representative Tony Wisniewski
  • “When I ask adolescents what they dislike about school, they seldom mention testing or homework. A common and surprising answer: They resent classes where learning is disrupted, and time is wasted… In pursuit of student-led learning, more classes turn the floor over to students. Schools proudly announce they are moving away from lectures to student-initiated discussion and debate, but is that productive in a class of 33 kids where a few extroverts reduce discussion to recitation?” ~ Maureen Downey, Education policy journalist
  • “…. Many programs should shed their prejudice against well-structured, whole-class teaching. As recently reported in Education Week, there has been a precipitous rise in small-group instruction. Some amount of this can be useful… but many small-group lessons could be taught just as effectively to an entire class, with an exponential increase in teacher contact time. The encroachment of small-group instruction has meant that students now spend disconcerting amounts of time at independent ‘learning centers.’ The value of these is greatly inflated…” ~ Michael Schmoker, author, speaker, & consultant
  • “I’m so proud of our teachers and school leaders for what they do on a daily basis. And while we spend a lot of time honoring athletes and elected officials, these are the public servants who really deserve the credit.” ~ Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R)

With my thanks, Carol