**  “The federal government and the Washington D.C. groups behind Common Core don’t have records that inspire confidence. None of them can point to a program of theirs that has clearly improved student achievement in the past two decades. And in Massachusetts, the likely result of the Common Core is that the gains of the past 20 years will slowly but surely recede.” ~ Jamie Gass & Charles Chieppo, Wall Street Journal

**  “The paramount concern for us with Common Core is that it further entrenches the federal government into our nation’s schools. Such intervention is a zero sum game. Every inch the federal government takes is at the expense of state and local control over education.” ~ Lindsey Burke, Heritage Foundation

**  “The common core is not just another reform; it is truly a revolutionary development. But it is also a package deal in which next-generation assessments will inform and improve instruction in ways that make far more sense to teachers than the current ‘bubble tests’ that are often disconnected from what they teach and what their students need.” ~ Alice Johnson Cain, Teach Plus

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