1) According to an NBC News survey, 73% of Hispanic and 56% of black parents view the Common Core favorably vs 41% of white parents.

2) Although 177 bills on student data privacy have been introduced in 45 states this year, but only 10 have been signed into law.

3) Currently, 16 states and D.C.require–and 3 others allow–schools to hold back 3rd graders based on their reading performance, up from 2 in 2004.

4) A Gallup poll of 1.032 adults found that just 9% are completely satisfied with the quality of the education K-12 students are receiving, 39% are somewhat satisfied, 33% are somewhat dissatisfied, and 16% are completely dissatisfied.

5) On the NAEP, called the nation’s report card, 27% of our 8th graders are proficient in U.S. history, with 40% of Asian/Pacific Islander students making the grade, 32% of white students, 12% of Hispanic students, and 9% of black students.

6) Also on the NAEP, just 27% of 8th graders are proficient in geography and 23% in civics.

7) About 39,000 unaccompanied immigrant children will enter America this fiscal year.in 2014.working-class families, and a little more than 600 words per hour for those in welfare families.