This just out: Called “The Future Ready PA Index,” state education officials have proposed a whole new school accountability system that will eventually go into effect and impact the commonwealth’s 500 school districts. It will replace the School Performance Profile in place since 2013, where up to 90% of a school’s score–every traditional public school, brick-and-mortar and cyber charters, and career & technology centers–is based on student performance on standardized math, reading, science, and English. In other words some 1.7 million students.

With the new grading system, based on input by teachers, administrators, parents, students, and others, school performance based on student test performance will stay in force but won’t carry as much weight. It will also…

  • Place greater emphasis on all students’ academic growth;
  • Credit schools for offering AP and other challenging courses;
  • Reward career awareness programs;
  • Allow local reading assessments for 3rd graders and math assessments for 7th graders.

Now we wait and see…