1). In the 2012-13 school year, funding for pre-school programs for 4-year-olds rose by $181 million to $5.3 billion.

2). Obama has now proposed $75 billion in grants to promote his plan for high-quality preschools.

3) The Obama administration has come up with a plan to address such school emergencies as hurricanes and shootings, including that suggestions that school employees try to fight off an intruder “when given no other choice.”

4) Ohio’s Whitehall School District has now pulled out of the Race to the Top program that would have forced it to implement new evaluations starting in September. To date, 94 districts and charter schools have opted out of their 2010 RTTT winnings.

5). A recent governmental 2-year study costing $6 million found that students who, in their second year with the Carnegie Learning algebra program, improved their performance by 8 percentile points.