1. A recent study found that when math teachers accompany their lessons with hand gestures, students performed better on tests of the material covered. 

2. A recent study found that what children know about numbers as they begin first grade plays a big role in how well they do everyday calculations later on. Meanwhile, 20% of adults lack middle school math competence. 

3. A School Leaders Matter study found that the most effective principals raise achievement of typical students by 2 to 7 months in a single year. 

4. The Indiana Supreme Court upheld the country’s broadest voucher program, and that could set a national precedent. It provides vouchers for low- and middle-income families, including those with incomes of nearly $64,000 for a family of 4–or about 62% of all families. 

5. Thanks to a $37 million Safe  Support School (s3) grant, in 11 states a new way of measuring school climate has been designed in an effort to put safety, discipline, and student engagement on an equal footing with math and reading performance. 

6. More than 50% of states now require new teacher evaluation systems, encouraged by Obama’s Race to the Top grant competition.
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