1) An AP-NORC poll finds that 61% of parents think their kids take the right number of standardized tests; 26% think they take too many. Also, 56% said classroom observations should be part of a teacher’s evaluation, 74% want districts to help struggling teachers, and 72% want it made easier to fire ineffective teachers.

2) New York recently reveals that in its first round of Common Core tests, only about 33% of 3rd to 8th graders “met or exceeded their proficiency standard.”

3) Obama’s Internet access plan for schools is estimated to cost $4 billion to $6 billion–about $12 in fees for every cell phone user over 3 years.

4) According to a Gallup poll, nearly 50% of teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Also, for those teaching for between 6 months to a year, 35% are “enthusiastic, deeply involved, and contributing.” That slips to 30.9% for those at it for one to 3 years, and goes up to 31.8% for those teaching for more than 10 years.

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