1. In Vergara vs California, the Superior Court said parts of California’s teachers’ tenure and due process protections violate the constitutional rights of the neediest students and thus starting a trend across the country.

2. Two former Obama spokesmen, Robert Gibbs and Ben LaBlot, have signed on to support more legal challenges to teacher job protections, such as tenure, based on Vergara vs California.

3. More than 52,000 lone minors from Latin America have so far crossed into America; Obama wants, for starters, $3.7 billion to process, house, and provide them with social services.

4. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has brushed off the National Education Association’s call for his resignation because of “his failed education agenda that undermine public schools and colleges, educators, and education unions.”

5. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has given more than 40 states and D.C. No Child Left Behind waivers, thus allowing them to identify fewer schools for interventions if they’ll do more sustained turnaround work–but that’s proving to be a very difficult task.