1) According to a PDK/Gallup poll, 70% of respondents said teachers should spend at least a year training under the guidance of a certified colleague, and 60% said entrance requirements for teacher training programs should be more rigorous.

2) In that same poll, 50% opposed and 49% supported providing free public education benefits to the children of illegal immigrants.

3) The National School Lunch Program feeds 3 million students and costs nearly $12 billion annually.

4) A recent study by the National School Nutrition Association found that 81.2% of surveyed schools said there’s been an increase in tossed food since the new nutrition standards went into effect 2 years ago.

5) A University of California study found that 11% of middle schoolers were frequently bullied, 29% were occasionally verbally or physically bullied, 10% were victims of traditional bullying and cyberbullying, and 50% were infrequent victims.