1. A Canon USA survey finds that 85% of Gen Z students say reading physical books helps them learn history; 76% of them prefer reading tasks on paper vs. online.
  2. According to the CDC, afternoon naps could help bolster the memories and learning for sleep-deprived adolescents.
  3. An Ed Pulse survey asked if schools should require the teaching of LGBT history (the study of roles and contributions) and found that 46% of respondents disagree/strongly disagree, while 42% agree/strongly agree, and 12% were neutral.
  4. A backlash has forced the SAT college admissions test to scrap the “Environmental Context Dashboard”—aka the “adversity score”—which combined schooling with such factors as neighborhoods, crime rates, and student backgrounds into a single number. Its replacement, “Landscape,” will use government data and the College Board that affect education.
  5. Google is now tackling student plagiarism with its new “Originality Reports.” “Its goal,” says Google, “is not to detect plagiarism. It’s to detect similarity and originality.”
  6. Measles alert: As of August 20th, and according to the CDC, 1,182 cases had already been reported.

And now this just in: K-12 ransomware attacks are up, with smaller districts getting hit the most. Reportedly, each school record brings in $25- to $300 on the black market…

And so it goes; with thanks, Carol (schoolwisebooks.com)