Every year, we taxpayers fork over billions to, our nation’s schools, but, as Education Week’s Daarel Burnett, II, reports, policymakers in most states have no idea how those dollars are being spent!

That’s because, instead of itemizing transactions, state departments of education just  “give lawmakers a receipt that includes a summation of broad spending categories, a breakout of average salaries, and maybe a mention of whether spending is up or down.”

Oh, yes, it’s sometime two, even three years out of date!

That’s right; in this high-tech, data-driven age of ours, there’s no true accounting for how our education dollars are spent. We do, however, have teachers’ “high importance” spending wish list, compliments of an OECD, Talis 2018 Database:

  • 69%: Improving teacher salaries
  • 4%: Reducing class size by recruiting more staff
  • 4%: Offering high-quality professional development for teachers
  • 1%: Improving school buildings and facilities
  • 6%: Supporting students with special needs

And speaking of tax dollars, the latest federal budget deal between Trump and Congress adds $320 billion in spending over two years to the current national debt of almost $23 trillion. At the same time, it raises the so-called federal debt ceiling, paid for by future generations.

Some legacy…

With my thanks, Carol ~ (schoolwisebooks.com)