Google Docs seems to think it has the right to make suggestions and/or autocorrect your writing, making it more inclusive and politically correct via its predictive text algorithm. “That,” explains Daily Wire’s Chrissy Clark, “uses one of two things: machine learning or deep learning, both subsets of artificial intelligence.”

For example, it will now change such gendered words as mailman to mail carrier and chairman to chairperson.

However, Clark explains that Google Docs won’t remove such gender pronouns as he, she, her, and him, as it’s concerned that its Smart Compose tech, “might,” say product leaders, “predict someone’s sex or gender identity incorrectly and offend users.”

Other “corrections” regard mental health. For instance:

  • Crazy becomes baffling
  • Dummy variable becomes placeholder variable
  • Final sanity check becomes final check for completeness and clarity

Meanwhile, Google is also going Black-friendly, showing its commitment to social justice by establishing several ant-racism educational programs, “strengthening [its] commitment to racial equality and inclusion… to build sustainable equity for [its] Black+ community.”

That, reportedly, includes anti-racism educational programs and teaming up with a non-profit associated with cancelling Dr. Seuss books and creating an anti-racist booklist for K-12 teachers.

Oh, yes, and be assured that swear words and insulting language are banned.

And at another politically correct institution, Penn State University’s faculty senate recently passed a resolution removing such “paternalistic” labels as freshman, junior, senior, upperclassmen, and underclassmen.

USA Today is also doing a bit of creative revising, as in the case of former high school track athlete Chelsea Mitchell’s recent op-ed piece about the unfairness of having to compete against male athletes. Then came the backlash, and, without informing Mitchell, the editor changed male to transgender throughout the piece, updating it “to reflect USA Today’s standards and style guidelines. We regret that hurtful language was used.”

Love the current progressive tilt and uber political correctness, hate it, or not sure?

With many thanks, Carol