us a flag under blue sky  Everything we do and say matters; everything we do and say has consequences…

*** Tweeted New York Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the United State, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban,”

— Just 12 Democrats called her out for comparing America and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban.

*** Democrat Fairfax County, Virginia school board member Abrar Omeish, formerly co-chair of the Bernie Sanders campaign, gave the keynote address at the Justice High School’s graduation ceremony. Writes the Daily Wire’s Luke Rosiak, “Much of her speech appeared to signal that she is unrepentant for a recent tweet in which she called Israel a colonizing state that “desecrates the Holy Land and kills Palestinians.” As for America, Omeish told attendees, “Let us acknowledge the stolen land of the Manahoac people,” occasionally slipping into Arabic.

Justice High School, formerly J.E.B Stuart High School, has an 11% dropout rate, with nearly 20% of students chronically absent.

*** Julia Jassey, a rising junior at the University of Chicago, recently told CNN that, “she’s been ostracized by fellow progressive students simply because she supports Israel’s right to exist.” And, along with anti-Semitic slurs, she’s received sexual assault threats, even death threats as has her family. “Casual jokes” have been bandied about, too, such as this one: “The Holocaust, an extended vacation for Jews who never came back.”

*** Campus Reform recently created a fake petition calling for the removal of Memorial Day as a federal holiday, got signatures, and then interviewed some of the students. Among the responses:

  • One student said she would approve of its removal “because it represents a lot of negative aspects of America and highlights something that people should not necessarily be proud of.”
  • Several said they didn’t even know why Memorial Day is celebrated.
  • Said another: “I’m not celebrating. I don’t think Memorial Day should be a thing that we celebrate, personally, because … it’s a celebration of U.S. imperialism and colonialism. I really didn’t think this way until I got to college, and I took women’s and gender studies classes, and that put me on this path where I’m like, yeah, f**k the United States.”


*** Feminist Jill Filipovic tweeted, “… I would have a really hard time being married to a spouse who chose not to work… If I came to my husband and said I am going to quit my job and dedicate all of my time to keeping our household, now I need your income, I think he has the right to say, ‘Uh, no!’ What example are you setting when dad works for pay and mom does the care work at home? Lots of reasons not to set that example for a child…”

*** California’s Assembly is considering a bill, as of 2023, that would require the children’s departments in stores with 500 or more employees to be largely gender-neutral to combat “prejudice” and “judgment” against gender non-conforming children.

Said Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low, “This is an issue of children being able to express themselves without bias.”

*** According to recently released Police Executive Research Forum data from 194 law enforcement agencies revealed that from 2019 to 2021:

  • Hiring decreased 5%.
  • Police agencies with more than 500 officers saw a 36% hiring decrease.
  • Those with 250 to 499 officers saw a 29% decrease.
  • Resignations increased by 18%.
  • Retirement increased by 45%

Some call this the new world order whose time has finally come, but not so Laura E. Blaize, who, writing for, said:

“…This is not the United States I am proud of. Unfortunately, I don’t have an easy way to fix it. Change needs to happen on many levels. Government policies need to change, education and families need to be at the forefront. Americans need to wake up from their distractions and become more involved in these issues (safely). We need to come together as a nation and recapture the values that do pull humankind together—kindness, compassion, family, religion, intellectualism, and freedom.”

I leave it to you to decide if we are now finally on the right and righteous path or way off course…

With my thanks, Carol