*** Manhattan’s private K-12 Grace Church School wants its students to use “inclusive language.” For instance, instead of “mom,” “dad,” and/or “parent”–such terms they advise “make assumptions about their home life”–students should say, “grown-ups,” “folks,” “family,” or “guardians”

And, in place of “What are you?” or “Where are you from?”, the 12-page guide recommends asking, “What is your cultural/ethnic background?” or “Where are your ancestors or family from?”

The school’s stated goal is “to promote a sense of belonging for all of our students.”

*** New York’s Democrat Senator Samra Brouk has sponsored a bill requiring educators to adopt the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) standards promoting “an equitable nation where all people receive comprehensive sexuality education and quality sexual and reproductive health services affirming their identities, thereby allowing them to access and enjoy sexual and reproductive freedom, as they define it for themselves.”

According to The New York Post: “The current SIECUS standards would require teaching on ‘gender identity’ for 5-year-olds and on hormone blockers for transgender people to 8-year-olds. By age 11, children would begin learning about ‘vaginal, oral, and anal sex’ while studying a slew of gender identities, such as ‘two-spirit’ and ‘pansexual.’”

*** Nine months ago, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, First Lady Chirlane McCray, convinced him to defund the police and redirect those dollars to “youth initiatives and social services.”  The result: shootings in New York City jumped 75% this past February compared to February 2020, so now she recently tweeted:

     As attacks on Asian-American communities continue, we’re asking New Yorkers to show up for their neighbors and intervene when witnessing hateful violence or harassment. I know that can be frightening when you aren’t sure what to do or say, but you can learn. Fear is a normal feeling when stepping into a confrontation but being prepared can help.

Her suggestions also included asking the victim a question like, “What time is it?” when stepping into the middle of a “hate crime or incident.”  She also advised that an onlooker “respond directly to the aggressor or physically intervene and only after assessing the situation. Be confident, assertive, calm. This is risky, but sometimes all we can do is speak up.”

And then the First Lady added, “Support a person in crisis by recording on your phone” and “check in with the survivor after the incident. This shows them that they are valued.”

~ With thanks, Carol