This goes under the heading, “You can’t make this stuff up!” You see, there’s a new man in town, but only sort of… Named Watson, “he’s” actually a computer platform created by IBM. Thanks to artificial-intelligence, it’s not only capable of answering educators’ questions but also helps build lesson plans for them that are personalized–and, come January, will be available, at no cost, to all third grade teachers!

Ultimately–and not that long from now and regardless of grade level or subject–all teachers will have access to this latest “revolution” in education.

Heralded as a “personal assistant,” it not only comes up with great lessons but ones that are customizable. Plus it’s a font of information related to the Common Core State Standards and can help ensure they’re part and parcel of everything that’s taught. And that, after all, is the aim of the current administration.

No human error; no human touch.

Indeed, Watson is so smart, it even knows what skills and background knowledge are essential to the new learning to be understood and take hold. It also solves the pressing problem of diversifying teaching, so that the needs of every child are appropriately met–no easy task for us mere mortals.

Makes one wonder what the next step will be. An army of Watsons in every classroom, not just assisting teachers but taking their place, the perfect educators and data collectors?

You can almost hear Obama, Education Secretary King, and other education reformers clapping, can’t you? After all, in one fell swoop, no more teachers so no more unions, shortages, substitutes, salaries, or pensions.

No chance of nurturing nurturing role models in classrooms, either, but that’s the cost of progress, right?

Maybe in your book, but sure as hell not in mine!